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What are the types of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment?

Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is a basic but also an important part of organic fertilizer production. If the fermentation is not good, the fertilizer will not meet the standard. So what are the organic fertilizer fermentation equipment we often use?
Groove type turning machine

The groove type compost turning machine is a commonly used fermentation equipment, which includes a fermentation groove, a walking track, a power taking device, a turning part and so on. The turning depth is about 1.1 meters.
Wheel type compost turner

The organic fertilizer wheel type compost turner machine is suitable for large scale fermentation turning operations. The machine has strong turning force, high work efficiency, and turn the raw materials 360 degrees without dead ends. Equipped with a fully automated electrical control system, no personnel operation is required during the operation of the equipment.
Crawler type compost turner

The machine is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation and adopts a crawler walking design. During driving, the auger under the frame is used to throw, fluff and move the raw materials. After the crawler type compost turner passes by, it becomes a new strip stack. Not only can the materials be evenly turned and piled, but also can effectively loosen and crush the slabs in the fertilizer base after fermentation. It is a good machine in the harmless treatment of livestock and poultry manure and fertilizer operations.
We can customize any form of organic fertilizer treatment equipment according to customer’s needs. For details, please contact us.



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