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Semi-Wet Fertilizer Crusher

Model: SXSF
Power: 22kw/30kw/37kw/75kw
Use: fertilizer milling


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Brief introduction

The semi-wet material grinder is elaborately manufactured by the scientific research personnel of our factory after repeated studied and improved. They have adopted advanced grinding technology both at home and abroad, combined with many years of machines production experience of our factory. This machine completely solve the crushing problem of organic matter with high water content, which is a national initiative and has declared the national patent. The successful development of the semi-wet material grinder has played a key role in shortening the production process of bio organic fertilizer and compost, reducing the investment of equipment and saving the operation cost.

The semi-wet material grinder allows the moisture content of bio-fermented organic fertilizer material reach to 25-50%. Its crushing granularity is able to reach the requirements of granulation, also can be adjusted in a certain range according to the user’s requirement. For hard materials such as glass, ceramics, bricks and crushed stones in municipal domestic organic waste, it plays a grinding role to achieve the effect of safe application. The machine is the ideal machine for fertilizer production and processing factories.

This machine can be divided into four parts:

  1. Rack part. The normal operation of all machines cannot without solid frame. In order to achieve the purpose of the well use of the machine, the machine frame is all welded by carbon steel plate and channel steel, and have through strict product qualification certification and specific technical requirements.
  2. Rotor broken parts. Rotor of the machine is with innovative structure and reasonable design. We adopts the upper and lower sets of rotor blade as the broken part, so the crushing effect is twice the other products. Materials enter into the crushing chamber through the inlet, then continuous grinded by the double blade and the broken plate, so that the materials to achieve granulation requirements.
  3. Broken plate adjustment device: During the grinding process, users can adjust the distance between the broken plate and the rotor blade to determine the fineness and yield requirements of crushed materials.
  4. Transmission connection part: The machine uses a flexible belt to drive. It is driven by the motor to pulley, belt, then directly transmit to the spindle, rotating the spindle at a high-speed, finally achieve crushing effect.

Working Video


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