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How to improve the pelletizing rate of the disc granulator?

1. The water content of granules
According to theoretical data, the water content of the pellets made by the disc granulator is about 25% to 30%. If the water is not much, the capacity will be low and the difficulty coefficient of pelletizing will increase. If the water is too much and the ball is played too much, the surface of the ball is prone to be sticky, which will block the drying surface and affect the capacity.
2. The composition of the material
For the production of compound fertilizers, it is necessary to carefully grasp the formula of the materials to increase the quality of compound fertilizers.

3. Operation technology of disc granulator
Before production, pre-production training must be carried out. After training, you can have proficient operation skills and control the number of materials.
As long as the above three points are done well, the efficiency of the disc granulator can be improved. Complete set of organic fertilizer production line includes dehydrator, fermentation compost turner machine, semi-wet material crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, rotary drum screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.



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