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Several crushing methods of organic fertilizer crusher

1. Pressing: After applying pressure, the material that between two working surfaces will reach its compressive strength due to the compressive stress. This method is generally suitable for crushing large pieces of material.
2. Splitting: The material is placed between a plane and a working plane with sharp edges. When the working plane with sharp edges squeezes the material, the material will split along the direction of the pressure line. The reason for splitting is that the tensile stress on the splitting plane reaches or exceeds the tensile strength limit of the material.
3. Folding: The material is crushed under the action of bending stress. The crushed material will be broken and crushed when the bending stress of the material reaches the bending strength of the material.
4. Impact crushing: The material is crushed by the impact force. Its crushing force is instantaneous, and its crushing effect is high, the crushing ratio is large, and the energy consumption is small.

Semi-wet Material Crusher
5. Grinding: After a certain pressure and shear force are applied between the material and the moving working surface, when the shear stress reaches the limit of the shear strength of the material, the material is crushed. When the material is rubbed against each other, the material can also be crushed by shearing and grinding.
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