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How much is a set of BB fertilizer equipment?

How much does it cost to invest in a set of BB fertilizer production line? Before investing, there are three questions you should know:
1. Predict the production capacity of BB fertilizer production line
The production capacity of a production line directly affects the configuration of the production equipment. If the production capacity is small, or the mixing formula is relatively simple, only one BB mixer is enough.
2. What is the type of BB fertilizer mix formula?
If the mixed fertilizer has more recipes and the proportions of the recipes are stricter, it needs the automatic batching system. The upper part of the automatic static batching system generally consists of 3-8 silos. At the same time, a microcontroller was installed and operated by the computer. Dozens of formulas can be stored and the corresponding formulas can be extracted when needed. There is a conveyor belt under the batching system to deliver a certain amount of fertilizer to the mixer. The automatic batching system has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high distribution efficiency and high degree of automation. It is one of the main equipments in BB fertilizer complete production equipment.

3. Distance from sales market and fertilizer plant
Since the raw materials are often granular fertilizer, it has a certain dispersibility. When the particle size and quality are not good, the long-term transportation will lead to the differentiation of fertilizers and the fertilizer efficiency will be uneven. Therefore, using automatic packaging and weighing machine is a good solution.
The complete BB fertilizer production line is mainly composed of lifting feeding system, high-precision mixing system, storage system rack, electronic control system, etc. The equipment investment can reach 7,340-11,837 dollars. Welcome to contact us for details.



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