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What are the key points when purchasing fertilizer granulator?

When choosing a granulator, the raw materials, the moisture of the material, the shape and size of the granules, and other issues should be considered.
Characteristics of raw materials. It is necessary to check whether the powder has sufficient fineness to ensure the rolling granulation. For extrusion granulation, the plasticity of the raw material and water after kneading is whether sufficient.
Particle shape. The products produced by different methods are spherical particles with irregular shapes. The smoother spheres can be made by rolling. For the preparation of regular particles with special shapes, compression and extrusion are required. And the choice of granulator should take into account the requirements and convenience of subsequent processes.

There are many types of fertilizer granulator, such as disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator etc. Each type of fertilizer granulation equipment has many models. If you need to purchase a fertilizer granulation equipment, welcome to contact us.



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