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How to process cow dung into organic fertilizer?

Cows are ruminants, which ruminants digest food by returning half-digested food in the stomach to the mouth to chew again after a period of time. In addition, cattle drink a lot of water, so the feces of cattle are thinner and the water content in the feces is high. And the air is not easy to circulate, so the organic matter in the feces is difficult to decompose, and the decomposing is slow. Cow manure, like chicken manure, pig manure, and sheep manure, cannot be directly applied to the land. It must be fermented and processed into organic fertilizer before it can be used. How much does it cost to process cow dung into organic fertilizer? It depends on which method you use to make cow dung organic fertilizer. The method is generally divided into natural fermentation organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer production equipment.

crawler type compost turner
Naturally fermented cow dung organic fertilizer is artificially fermented, and the cow dung is dried or drained so that its moisture content is controlled below 85%, and then the straw is added, and the ratio of cattle manure is 7:3, so that the raw material (cow dung) and auxiliary materials ( The carbon ratio of straw end) is controlled at 23-28, and the water content is controlled at 52%-68%. Finally, add organic fertilizer fermentation decomposing agent. Followed by stirring, turning the heap by using organic fertilizer equipment.
The cost of natural fermentation is low, but it consumes labor and time. The organic fertilizer equipment can save labor costs and time, but the cost is relatively high. Both methods have their own advantages. There are many types of fermentation equipment, such as groove type turners, wheel type turners, moving type turners etc. Each type of fermentation equipment has many models. If you need to purchase cow dung manure fermentation organic fertilizer equipment, welcome to contact us.



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