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How does the organic fertilizer equipment make animal manure organic fertilizer?

The manufacture of organic fertilizers uses animal manure as raw materials. How to use the equipment reasonably for processing? The following is a brief introduction to the process of processing and manufacturing organic fertilizers:
1. First, the material ratio. According to the amount of processing raw materials, a suitable proportion of fertilizer starter needs to be prepared. For example, for 1.5 tons of pig manure, 1 kg of fertilizer starter needs to be added, and then mixed evenly. During the process, the moisture of the material and the temperature of the surrounding environment should be kept within an appropriate range.

2. Next, build a pile of materials. Be careful not to make it too small or too short, it will affect the fermentation effect. Under normal circumstances, if the height is 1.5 meters to 2 meters, the width is 2 meters, and the length is 2 to 4 meters, the fermentation effect is better.
3. Finally turn the heap to ventilate. During the fermentation process, pay attention to proper oxygen supply and turn over, especially when the temperature rises to 75°C or above, turn over several times, so that the temperature rise is controlled at about 65°C. It takes about a week to ferment and the material is dark brown.
After fermentation, the production of granular organic fertilizer is inseparable from a complete set of animal manure organic fertilizer equipment, such as fermentation turner, drum screener, semi-wet material pulverizer, new type organic fertilizer granulator, cooler, rotary dryer, packaging machine, coating machine etc. Under the joint action of these equipments, the manufacture and packaging of organic fertilizers can be well completed. Welcome to contact us for details.



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