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The specific steps of pig manure to organic fertilizer

1. The collected pig manure is mixed with sawdust, straw, mushroom residue and other auxiliary materials in proportion. The amount of auxiliary materials added is determined according to the moisture content of pig manure, and the moisture content should be controlled at about 45%.
2. Put the mixed materials into the fermentation tank to start aerobic fermentation. The fermentation temperature is controlled at 60-70 °C, and the turning machine is used for turning once every two days. The function of turning is to increase the oxygen content of the material, speed up the fermentation process, and adjust the temperature of the material. The turning machine can also crush and shift raw materials to make the material mix more evenly. The fermentation time is generally 5-10 days, and the fermented material is fluffy, dark brown, and has no odor.
3. After the fermentation is completed, the material needs to be pulverized by a pulverizer, which is beneficial to the later granulation.

4. After pulverizing the material, it can be granulated by fertilizer granulator. The fertilizer granulator includes disc granulator, rotary drum granulator and new type organic fertilizer granulator. You can choose your own granulation equipment according to the production capacity of the factory.
5. After the granulation is completed, it should be dried and dehydrated.
6. The dried organic fertilizer granules are screened by the sieving machine, and after passing the inspection, they can be packaged and sold.
The above are the steps of making ordinary organic fertilizer. You can also add a certain amount of bacteria according to market demand to make bio-organic fertilizer, and you can also add some chemical fertilizers to make organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. Welcome to contact us for details.



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