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How much is a chicken manure organic fertilizer fermentation turner?

The chicken manure processing organic fertilizer production line includes many process equipment. Fermentation is a very important step in the chicken manure processing organic fertilizer process. If the fermentation process is not done well, the subsequent processing technology cannot be carried out.
The function of the fermentation turner is to ferment the raw materials such as chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, traditional Chinese medicine residues, sludge, and distiller’s grains.
The advantages of using fermentation equipment for organic fertilizer fermentation of chicken manure are as follows:
1. Shorten the fermentation time: The traditional fermentation method takes about 2-3 months. The fermentation equipment takes about 7-15 days, which is more than half shorter than the traditional fermentation time.

2. Protect the nutrition from loss: The chicken manure fermented by professional equipment is carried out under the decomposition of biological bacteria, which will not cause any loss of nutrition in livestock and poultry manure.
3. Sterilization and harmless. When the organic fertilizer equipment ferments the manure, the temperature rises and keeps it at 60-70℃ for more than 10 days. Therefore, it can basically kill germs, pests and weed seeds in the feces to achieve harmless standards.
There are many types of organic fertilizer fermentation turning equipment: moving type fermentation turning machine, groove type fermentation turning machine and crawler type fermentation turning machine. These can be selected according to the actual needs.Different models and configurations is different price, welcome to contact us for details.



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