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“Energy Conversion” & “Recycling” of Livestock And Poultry Manure

“Energy Conversion” of Livestock And Poultry Manure

The process of “energy conversion” of livestock and poultry manure is inseparable from the anaerobic fermentation of microorganisms. That is, carrying out innocent treatment by fermenting methane. The more common way is traditional brick-and-mortar digester, new type fermentation bag and biogas fermentation gas tank. Under these modes, the fermentation of livestock and poultry manure and the storage of methane are completed.

“Recycling” of Livestock And Poultry Manure

As a kind of high-efficiency fertilizer, organic fertilizer is widely used in the planting of vegetable, grain, and fruit tree. But in the past, traditional composting methods people used did not only pollute the air, but also pollute soil and water. Now for large scale farms, the way of making organic fertilizer from livestock and poultry manure is as follows: After the dehydration by extrusion, the organic fertilizer will be obtained by aerobic fermentation. After collecting livestock and poultry manure centrally, the mechanical dehydration is used to complete solid-liquid separation. The livestock and poultry manure after dehydration, its water content is from more than 90% quickly dropped to about 60%. This kind of livestock and poultry manure can be directly transferred to the workshop, and after spraying fermentation bacteria be put in the open air for aerobic fermentation. Under normal circumstances, the decomposition of to be high quality organic fertilizer will be completed in half a month.



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