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Advantages of Fermentated Animal Manure

The fermented animal manure is a kind of high quality organic fertilizer, including rich nutrients. There are 25.5% organic matter content, 1.63% nitrogen, 1.54% phosphrous, and 0.85% potassium inside it.

Harms caused by direct application of manure to crops without fermentint:

  1. Spread injurious insect. The feces contains E. coil and nematode.
  2. Burn seedlings. After the unfermented raw manure is applied to the soil, once the necessary fermentation conditions are in place, then the fermentation will begin under the activity of microorganisms. When the fermentation site is close to the root and the plant is small, the heat generated by fermentation will affect the growth of the crop and burn down the root system.
  3. Bad smell. Mathane, ammonia and other gases produced in the decomposition process will make soil and crop produce acid, thus damaging the root system of crops.

Effects of fermented organic fertilizer:

  1. A variety of enzymes are produced to control continuous cropping and root-knot nematode.
  2. The beneficial microbial flora contained can activate nitrogen in the air, release the nutrient of phosphrous and patassium, and supplement soil organic matter.
  3. Make the soil soft and easy to be cultivated; facilitate the soil mass structure, release soil pores, and promote the growth of root groups; keep the soil hydrated and fertilized.


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