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Difference between Traditional Organic Fertilizer and Commercial Organic Fertilizer

Traditional organic fertilizer: it refers to the natural fertilizer based on organic matter, mostly human and animal manure and residues from animal and plant, and it is generally divided into farmyard manure, green manure, etc.

Farmyard manure is produced by farmers using human and animal waste and other raw materials, and the animal manure, compost, biogas waste fertilizer, and plant are common farmyard manure. Agricultural harvesting plants and their processing residues are also a kind of farmyard manure with wide application value, such as rapeseed cake, soybean cake, peanut bran.

Green manure uses all or part of the green plants directly into the soil as fertilizer, which is also one of the most important traditional organic fertilizers in China.

Commercial organic fertilizer: it is mainly made of solid wastes rich in organic matter, such as livestock and poultry feces, animal and plant residues and household garbage, then a certain amount of other excipients ( such as weathered coal, peat, Chinese medicinal dregs, wine dregs, mushroom dregs, etc.) and fermentation agents are added, finally the fertilizer will be produced by factory processing.

Compared with traditional organic fertilizer, commercial organic fertilizer has the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition, high content, stable quality and so on.



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