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Dynamic Batching Machine

Production Capacity:          1-6t/h
Applicable Materials:         Raw materials of fertilizer
Application Range:             Fertilizer batching


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Dynamic batching machine is suitable for the scene of continuous ingredients, such as fertilizer ingredients and coking ingredients. These sites have higher requirements on the continuity of the ingredients, generally not allowing the intermediate toppings to stop, and the requirements for different materials are stricter. Dynamic batching system metrology generally adopts electronic belt scale or nuclear scale, and the host has PID adjustment and alarm function, which can realize automatic control of a warehouse.

Working Principle

The tape/helix feeder is used to measure the quality of the material by weighing it, so as to determine the quality of the material on the tape;the digital velocity sensor at the tail will measure the running speed of the feeding machine continuously, and the pulse output of the speed sensor is proportional to the speed of the feeding machine;The speed signal and the weight signal are sent to the microprocessors in the feeding machine controller for processing to produce and display cumulative/instantaneous flow. The flow rate is compared with the set flow, and the control instrument can output the signal and control the frequency converter, so as to realize the requirement of quantitative feeding.
Working Video

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