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What role does the organic fertilizer turner play in the production of organic fertilizer?

Fermentation is an important processing step in the process of processing livestock manure into organic fertilizer. When a large amount of organic waste needs to be processed into fertilizer, it is usually the most convenient to use organic fertilizer production line for processing, which saves time and effort, and has high work efficiency.
The raw materials for processing organic fertilizers are piled up, and the starter is sprinkled to shorten the fermentation period and improve the degree of composting of the fertilizer. After the starter is sprinkled, the turning machine in the organic fertilizer production line is used for turning. So, what role does the turner play in fermenting fertilizer?
1. When turning the compost pile, the turning machine can reduce the temperature of the compost pile to achieve the effect of temperature control, which is conducive to the retention of nitrogen and the conversion of phosphorus and potassium nutrients.

2. The turner has a powerful stirring function, which can fully and effectively fuse various raw materials together.
3. When the composting machine is turning over the compost, it can make the fermentation raw material fully contact with the air, supplement oxygen, and realize aerobic fermentation of compost.
4. Use the turning machine to ferment the feces, which can save time and effort, and shorten the time and cost.
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