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Selection points of equipment for organic fertilizer production

Recently, when many new customers are ordering complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment, they often do not know how to choose the machines they need so that the production volume of the production line can reach the best state. The following are the main points of the selection of complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment:
Determine the capacity of the equipment: such as how many tons per year, or how many tons per hour, so that the price can be determined.
(2) Determine the shape of the particles: powder, column, oblate or standard circle. Commonly used granulation equipment are: disc granulator, drum granulator, flat die granulator. The equipment is different and the price is also different.

(3) Determine the configuration level of the equipment: The level of the configuration is different, the price of the equipment is different, and the amount of labor is different.
(4) Determine the type of fertilizer produced. There are 4 types of general organic fertilizers, pure organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer.
(5) Selection of fermentation turning machine: The general fermentation forms are stack-type fermentation, groove-type fermentation, and tank-type. The fermentation method is different, and the fermentation equipment is also different.

(6) Determine the types of main organic raw materials: Common organic raw materials are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, straw, medicinal residue, furfural residue, humic acid, etc. Different raw materials, equipment selection is also slightly different.
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