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What equipment is used to produce pig manure organic fertilizer?

Nowadays, pig manure is no longer a headache for farmers. The pig manure can be processed into organic fertilizer and then sold on the market. This not only increases economic income, but also solves the problem. As we all know, poultry manure must be thoroughly decomposed and fermented before it can be made into organic fertilizer. Poultry manure that has not been successfully fermented is not organic fertilizer but waste. The same is true for pig manure organic fertilizer. When there is a large amount of pig manure, it needs pig manure fertilizer production line to produce fertilizer. What equipment is used to produce organic fertilizer from pig manure?

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
1. Fermentation compost turner or fermentation cylinder
2. Semi-wet material crusher
3. Horizontal mixer
4. Organic fertilizer granulator
5. Rotary drum dryer
6. Cooling machine
7. Rotary screening machine
8. Coating machine
9. Automatic packaging machine
10. Belt conveyor
A complete set of organic fertilizer production line includes the above equipment. The price depends on the configuration. For the specific price, it is best to consult the Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment. According to your needs, we can send you the corresponding quotations.



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