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What equipment is used for 3-5 tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer per hour?

For the production of 3-5 tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer per hour, manual processing is not feasible and organic fertilizer equipment is required for processing. So, what equipment is used to process 3-5 tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer per hour?
Materials to be prepared in the early stage of production of sheep manure organic fertilizer:
1. Sheep dung
2. Accessories
3. Fermentation strains
4. Water
5. Organic fertilizer production line
The organic fertilizer equipment that needs to be used are belt conveyor, biological deodorizer, mixing mixer, dryer, cooler, new type vertical grinder, rotary screening machine, crushing machine, granulator , packing machine etc.
To produce a large amount of sheep manure organic fertilizer, one organic fertilizer equipment production line is definitely not enough, so what is the appropriate number of each equipment?

List of organic fertilizer equipment quantity:
Fermentation cylinder/compost turner machine: 2
Mixer: 2
Screening machine: 2
Shredder: 2
Rotary drum/disc granulator: 2
Dryer, cooler: one each
Belt conveyor: 6 sets
Automatic weighing, packaging machine: 1
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