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How to solve the problem of not heating up during the fermentation of organic fertilizer?

There are many problems in the fermentation process of organic fertilizer. The most common one is that the temperature of the materials does not rise. And the materials that have not been thoroughly decomposed cannot be used. So, how to solve the problem of not heating up during the fermentation?
Solutions for not heating up within one or two days:
1) Mostly the problem is the water content. Firstly, check whether the water content is greater than 60%. If so, add some auxiliary materials to adjust to 60% and mix well. If it is less than 40%, add water or fresh feces to adjust to 60% and mix well.
2) The C/N is out of adjustment, which can be adjusted by adding equivalent materials or inorganic elements.
3) The PH is too high or too low, which can cause no heating or keep the temperature below 50 degrees for a long time.
4) If the pile is not evenly turned, it is sufficient to turn it evenly.

5) Pile body: After stacking the materials in the fermentation groove, in order to raise the temperature as soon as possible, we must also use groove type compost turning machine to turn up the bottom material to fully increase the air in the period to speed up the decomposing process.
The above content is the solution to the problem of not heating up in the process of organic fertilizer fermentation. Of course, the most important process is to use the organic fertilizer turning machine for fermentation. Therefore, if we all want a more reasonable fermentation and maturity, it is very important to choose the right organic fertilizer fermentation equipment. Welcome to contact us for details.



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