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What are the requirements for composting?

1.Moisture:Maintaining proper water content is the primary condition for promoting microbial activity and fermentation. Generally, 60%-75% of water is appropriate.
2.Ventilation:Maintaining proper air in the pile is beneficial to the reproduction and activity of aerobic microorganisms and promotes the decomposition of organic matter. When composting at high temperature, attention should be paid to proper accumulation of tightness to facilitate ventilation.
3.Keeping a Neutral or slightly alkaline environment:Appropriate amount of lime or calcareous soil can be added to adjust the acidity and promote the reproduction and activity of microorganisms.

4.C/N: The C/N needs to be adjusted. Taking chicken manure as an example, the nitrogen content of chicken manure is very high. Straw materials can be added to adjust the C/N. A reasonable C/N is a prerequisite for fermentation to heat up, otherwise it will fail to ferment.
Pay attention to control the above three aspects, and the quality and nutritional effect of organic fertilizer will be guaranteed. The compost turning machine can make the material fully contact with oxygen and accelerate the composting process.Welcome to contact us for details.



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