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What are the installation steps of sheep manure fermentation equipment?

1. Before installation, check whether the size of each installation foundation meets the requirements of the drawing according to the plan and foundation diagram of the sheep manure fermentation organic fertilizer equipment. If there is any discrepancy, repair until the size is correct.
2. Installers should be familiar with the installation requirements of various organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, and carry out construction in strict accordance with the technical requirements.
3. The sheep manure fermentation equipment may be deformed, damaged or lost during transportation, so before installation, inspection and acceptance should be carried out according to the equipment list, and corresponding measures should be taken to keep each equipment in good condition before installation.
4. Before entering the installation site, number each part of organic fertilizer equipment, formulate the installation process card and timetable, and transfer the equipment one by one to the site for installation according to the requirements of the installation process sequence.
5. Installation sequence: From top to bottom, put the host and rack first, and then install all connecting pipes and electrical equipment.

6. After the sheep manure fermentation equipment is installed, the rotating parts must rotate flexibly without jamming, collision and impact sound. The connecting parts must be firm and sealed, and there must be no powder leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, etc.
7. The installation of electrical equipment should comply with relevant regulations. The direction of each line is clear.
8. After all the equipment is installed, each stand-alone machine should be tested with no load, and it can be put into load test run only after it runs normally. Run with load for 8 hours, and it can be used in production only after there is no fault.
There are many types of sheep manure fermentation equipment, such as trough type turning machine, crawler type turning machine, wheel type turning machine, etc. There are many models of each type of fermentation equipment, if you need to purchase a sheep manure fermentation equipment, welcome to contact us.



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