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Two Ways to Ferment Chicken Manure

Traditional fermentation method:
The traditional fermentation method, that is, the natural accumulation fermentation method, needs to use: organic fertilizer raw materials – chicken manure, fermentation bacteria, corn stalk accessories, peanut shells or wheat bran. After the required raw materials are ready, first look at the water content of chicken manure, grab a handful of chicken manure, and observe whether the water between the fingers is in a state of dripping, which means good. Mix and stir chicken manure with starter and auxiliary materials, stack it in a place where the sun can fully shine, cover with plastic film to prevent excessive evaporation of water, and manually flip it every few days. The fermentation can be completed in 3-4 months. The disadvantage is: the time is relatively long, the odor is easy to emit, causing environmental pollution and nutrient loss. However, the investment is very small.

Compost equipment:
The materials that need to be prepared are the same as those for traditional fermentation. The starter, chicken manure, and auxiliary materials are mixed evenly with stirring equipment, and then composted into a compost pile. Then turn with compost turner. The fermentation can be finished about 7 days.
The two methods of fermenting chicken manure organic fertilizers have their own merits and can be chosen at will. If you want to further process, there is chicken manure organic fertilizer production line. Welcome to contact us for details.



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