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Two misunderstandings of organic fertilizer fermentation

1. Why use artificial starter when it can be fermented naturally?
We should understand this problem from the following aspects: Firstly, the traditional organic fertilizer composting method takes a long time. Secondly, the nutrient loss is serious in the process of natural vinegar, resulting in a lot of waste. Thirdly, in the the traditional fermentation process has a strong odor so that pollutes the environment. Fourth, the organic fertilizer composted by the traditional method contains a large amount of miscellaneous bacteria, which is the main source of infection of crops.

2. The cheaper the starter, the better
When buying any commodity, we should look at its cost-effectiveness, so that we can spend less money to buy better things. The same goes for buying biological starter. It depends on the ratio of the amount of starter to the material. The second is to look at the length of fermentation time. The third is to look at the amount of nutrients contained in the prepared bio-organic fertilizer and the level of efficacy. The fourth is to look at the amount of miscellaneous bacteria contained in the prepared organic fertilizer, the less miscellaneous bacteria it contains the better the quality of starter.
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