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The Role of Compost Turner in The Fermentation Process

  1. Some requirements of composting technology are realized, such as materials crushing, quantitative shift of raw materials, shale changing of heap.
  2. Improve the permeability of raw material heap. The compost turner can process the raw materials into small lumps, and make the thick, elastic and dense material heap become fluffy and form appropriate porosity.
  3. Mix raw materials. During fertilizer making process, some supplementary materials should be added to adjust the ratio of carbon nitrogen ratio, water content and ph of raw materials. Relying on the compost turner for mixing the main raw materials roughly stacked together in proportion with various auxiliary materials evenly.
  4. Adjust water content of raw materials. The suitable water content of composting raw materials is about 55%, and the standard of water content for finished organic fertilizer is below 20%. During fermentation, the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will also cause water lose its carrier and become free, and the biochemical reaction will generate new water. Therefore, in addition to the evaporation by heat conduction, turning the materials by compost turner will form mandatory water vapor, then the water content can be reduced in time with the process of fertilizer.
  5. Adjust temperature of heap. In the working process of compost turner, the aggregates of raw material fully contact and mix with the air. When a lot of fresh air is contained in the heap, aerobic microorganisms will become active to produce heat, making the temperature of heat rise. When the temperature is high, fresh air is added to bring the temperature of heap down. It forms a cycle from medium temperature to high temperature, then to medium temperature and then to high temperature, so all kinds of beneficial microorganism can grow and reproduce in the temperature segment they adapt to.


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