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Common Problems And Solutions of Rotary Drum Dryer

1. During production, because of the strong rotation of rotary drum dryer, there will be a certain resonance with the base, which can be very damaging to the equipment. It will cause the materials in the drum to shake excessively, and can not be dried completely.

Solution: When the base is built, it should be poured with cement, and then add shockproof wood outside. Pay attention to the actual capacity of the machine, do not overload the machine. The inside of the machine should be cleaned frequently to prevent the accumulation of surplus materials.

2. The outlet is blocked. The material containing more water is easy to form lump, which will be blocked at the outlet of the dryer, making the outlet not smooth.

Solution: In addition to the strict control of the process formula, when the raw materials with  large granular size are found, timely notify the relevant personnel to pay attention to the discharge conditions , to prevent the entry of sundries.

3. The working current of the motor is unstable. Cartridge wall and copy plate are easy to stick to material, making the dryer increase load.  

Solution: From the process formula, as far as possible to improve the liquid phase concentration, reduce the water, the raw materials with high water content should be treated before use.



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