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The process of producing high-quality powdery organic fertilizer

1. Blending raw materials
Cow dung 500kg + pig dung 300kg + bacterial residue 200kg + bacterial species 50g (cow dung, pig dung can also be replaced by other livestock and poultry manure)
Accessories: When the humidity of livestock and poultry manure is high, you can add appropriate Materials with lower water content to reduce the water content of fermented materials like straw, rice husk, cake, etc.
2. Making piles
According to the ratio of the above raw materials, pile the strips according to the needs. The length of the pile is not limited, with a width of 2 meters and a height of about 1 meter. When stacking, the materials need to be evenly stacked layer by layer.
3. Adding strains
The bacterial species and bacterial residues are expanded in a ratio of 1:5. For example, you can mix 1kg of strain with 5kg of wheat bran or rice husk powder. Generally, 1kg of bacteria can ferment 10-20 tons of manure and straw.

4. Turning
When the temperature rises above 55℃, turn the pile by crawler type compost turner every 1 to 2 days. The purpose of turning the pile is to promote the evaporation of water and promote the oxygen to enter the pile, which can promote the bacteria to enter the pile and quickly multiply and ferment.
5. Crushing
Fermented materials cannot be sold directly as commodities, because long term stacking will cause agglomeration and other phenomena. At this time, the large pieces of material need to be finely crushed by a high humidity material crusher, and powdered organic fertilizer is obtained after crushing. In the early stage of fermentation, in order to speed up the fermentation process, auxiliary materials can be crushed by grinder.
6. Screening
In order to improve the appearance, the powdered organic fertilizer is rescreened to obtain a uniform powdered material before packaging.
7. Packaging
The powdered organic fertilizer can be directly stored and sold after being packaged by an automatic packaging scale.
After these few steps, high-quality powdery organic fertilizer can be produced. Welcome to contact us for details.



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