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Requirements of fermentation on raw materials

1) Raw materials
There are many kinds of organic raw materials that can be used. Due to the long term natural stacking of raw materials, the nutrients are lost and the fermentation capacity is lost. Therefore, it is best to use relatively fresh raw materials that have not been naturally piled for a long time to ensure normal fermentation.
2) Fermentation water requirement
Maintaining proper moisture conditions is the key to ecological fertilizer fermentation. If the water content is too high, the raw materials are protected by a water film, which prevents the air from spreading inward, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply and an anaerobic state. Therefore, the raw materials will produce foul smell and inability to perform aerobic conditions. For organic materials that can be fermented normally, the moisture content is generally between 45% and 65%.

3) Granularity requirements of fermented materials
The size of the raw material particles is related to the ventilation status. The particle size is different, the fermentation reaction speed and the fermentation time are different. It is not that the smaller the particles, the better, nor the larger the particles, the more advantageous. Generally, the particles or length of straws can be slightly larger, and 3 to 5 cm can also be fermented. Some raw materials like manure, sludge, etc., have a finer texture, so it is necessary to appropriately add straw materials.
We have different types of equipment for the fermentation of organic waste, which mainly includes groove type, moving type, crawler type and wheel type. Welcome to contact us for details.



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