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Ten steps to process cow dung into organic fertilizer

There are ten steps in entire production process of organic fertilizer, and each step directly affects the quality of the entire organic fertilizer production. The following is the production process of cow dung fertilizer:
1. It is necessary to ferment and decompose raw materials such as animal manure so that the harmful bacteria in it can be killed, which is very important in the entire organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
2. Secondly, you need use organic fertilizer crushing equipment to crush the raw materials.
3. Ingredients are a key step in fertilizer production. Its main function is to add appropriate ingredients in proportion to make the organic fertilizer rich in organic matter and improve the quality of fertilizer.
4. After the materials are evenly mixed, granulation is carried out, which is also an important part of the whole process.

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Production Line

5. The material gets high temperature through the drying process, and then it needs to be cooled down. Because water can not be used for cooling, so cooling equipment is needed here.
6. Screening is to screen out unqualified granular fertilizers. And unqualified materials will also be returned to the production line for reprocessing. The screening equipment here has the advantage of easy operation.
7. The agitated material is made into the required particles, which is especially suitable for materials with higher viscosity.
8. The fertilizer mixer must meet the requirements of the production process, such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance and medium corrosion resistance. Due to the different materials, the manufacturing process and structure of the mixer are also different.
9. The transportation is to transport the finished fertilizer to a higher location, which is prepared for convenient storage.
10. Packaging is the last link in fertilizer making process. It is to protect products during storage, transportation and sales.
The equipment required for the production of organic fertilizer includes a fermentation compost turner, a grinder, a mixer, a granulator, a dryer, a screening machine and a packaging machine. Welcome to contact us for more information.



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