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How to extend the service life of organic fertilizer dryer?

1. The organic fertilizer dryer operator should receive training to fully understand the structure and performance of the organic fertilizer dryer. Before operation, please read the instruction manual and operate according to the instruction. Do not blindly rely on your own thinking to operate, so as to avoid danger caused by improper operation.
2. Pay attention to frequently check the lubricating oil and the air tightness of the whole machine. It is recommended that at the end of the drying, the equipment should be properly maintained, inspection and maintenance should be done.

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Dryer
3. It is necessary to keep the organic fertilizer dryer clean and adjust it in time when loosening occurs, in case the loosening may aggravate the wear of the parts or cause the loss of the parts. Pay attention to frequently watch each part, if abnormal state occurs, stop the machine and clean it up in time.
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