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Requirements of organic fertilizer raw material moisture content

The raw materials commonly used to produce organic fertilizers are mainly livestock and poultry manure. There are requirements for the moisture content of the raw materials.
When the moisture content of the material does not meet the requirements of fertilizer starter treatment, moisture adjustment must be carried out. The suitable water content is 45%-55%, that is, the water seam without dripping when the hand is tightly held.
The requirements of organic fertilizer equipment for livestock and poultry manure: livestock and poultry manure with a moisture content of less than 40% can be mixed with manure with a relatively high water content for 4-8 hours, so that the moisture content can be adjusted within the appropriate range.

For fertilizer granulator, according to the characteristics of raw materials: composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc., the moisture content of the particles can be controlled to be about 30-28%. If the water content is too low, it will be difficult to form balls and the output will be low. If the water content is too much, there will be many large balls, and the surface of the balls will be sticky, which is easy to block the screen surface.
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