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How to avoid agglomeration of organic fertilizer?

Everyone knows that the longer the storage time, the easier it is to agglomerate for the organic fertilizer. The shorter the storage time, the less likely it is to agglomerate. In order to avoid agglomeration in the production of organic fertilizer equipment, what should we pay attention to?
a. Reasonable raw materials, that is, raw materials that are not easy to agglomerate as our raw materials. When the air is not too humid, the produced fertilizer will not agglomerate. Fertilizers with humic acid as the main raw material and fertilizers with amino acid as the main raw material are not easy to agglomerate. In addition, you should choose the material to be as dry as possible.
b.Add some anti-caking agents, such as talcum powder, humic acid and other powders that are not easy to agglomerate, and they play a role in breaking the bridge.

c.Reasonable packaging should be adopted to prevent squeezing. The packaging materials should mainly prevent moisture absorption and ventilation. Preventing excessive squeezing during transportation and storage can also effectively prevent the problem of agglomeration.
d.Granulation technology can prevent agglomeration, because the contact area between the round particles is small, it is not easy to crystallize and agglomerate. Therefore, if possible, granulation is a better way to prevent fast formation.
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