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Reasons affecting the fermentation effect of organic fertilizers

1. Moisture content
Moisture provides a good environment for microbial growth, and moisture content has become an important factor in composting ecosystems. The moisture has the functions of dissolving organic matter, providing nutrients for microorganisms, participating in the metabolism of microorganisms, and adjusting the temperature of composting.
2. C/N
Composting can be carried out only when the material reaches an appropriate carbon-nitrogen ratio. Microbial growth requires carbon, and protein synthesis requires nitrogen. Therefore, in the process of biological oxidation of organic matter, a suitable C/N is vital for better aerobic fermentation.
3. Ventilation
Since it is aerobic fermentation, sufficient oxygen will enable aerobic microorganisms to rapidly degrade organic matter under aerobic conditions. The ventilation and oxygen supply can not only provide the oxygen needed for the metabolism of microorganisms, but also control the temperature of the compost.

4. Temperature
The temperature change of compost is an external manifestation of the fermentation process, which reflects the activity status of microorganisms. The increase in temperature is the result of the accumulation of heat produced by microbial metabolism, reflecting the rate of microbial metabolism and the rate of fermentation and transformation of compost materials.
5. Organic matter content
Organic matter is an important factor for microorganisms to survive and reproduce. If the organic content is too low, the activity of microorganisms in the compost cannot be improved. If the content is too high, the oxygen consumption is too large.
6. pH
The pH value is one of the important factors affecting the growth of microorganisms. The degradation activity of microorganisms requires a slightly acidic or neutral environmental condition. Too high or too low pH value is not conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms and the degradation of organic matter.
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