Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Process flow of 1-2 tons per hour disc granulator fertilizer production line

1. Granulation: The raw materials are sent to the feeder, and then granulated by the disc granulator.
2. Drying: After the granulation is completed, use a dryer to dry the fertilizer granules to remove the moisture inside and prevent the fertilizer granules from agglomerating.
3. Cooling: In order to improve the production rate and output, use a cooler to cool the fertilizer after drying, so that the temperature is lowered to no more than 5 ℃ above room temperature.
4. Screening: Use a screening machine to screen the fertilizer particles. The unqualified particles are screened out for pulverization. The returned material is sent to the granulator and then re-granulated, and the qualified particles are sent to the next process.
5. Packaging: Send the qualified granules after screening to the finished product warehouse, and then use the packaging scale for bagging.

This disc granulator fertilizer production line is suitable for the production of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. In the production of organic fertilizer, it needs to be pulverized before granulation. Only by pulverizing the raw materials into the required powder can improve the success rate and quality of granulation. Therefore, a pulverizer is added after the feeder and before the granulator. In the production of compound fertilizer, the raw materials need to be evenly mixed in proportion, so it is necessary to replace the feeding bin with a batching bin, and install a mixer behind the batching bin to mix the raw materials evenly. Welcome to contact us for details.



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