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Purchase skills of cow dung organic fertilizer granulator

The cow dung organic fertilizer granulator plays an important role in the organic fertilizer production line. How to choose an organic fertilizer granulator? Following are the purchasing skills.
1. First of all, it is necessary to see whether the production capacity of the organic fertilizer granulator is consistent with the actual needs of the company. The capacity is usually indicated on the equipment label. The standard production capacity should be slightly larger than the actual production capacity required.
2. It must have both functions. That means it can be used in the production of compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Actually there are different types of granulators depending on the material, but it is better to have both general functions.

3. The low power consumption granulator is better. The power of different materials in the granulator is different. How to save power and investment for the company is also an assessment indicator.
4. The dust level of the granulator and the water content of organic fertilizer products.
5. On-site inspection of the manufacturer’s qualifications, production capacity, the production of prototypes and promise level of organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers.
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