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Production process of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of production equipment that uses fresh chicken manure as raw material and undergoes a series of processing to produce natural organic chicken manure fertilizer.
Chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment includes fermentation compost turner, organic fertilizer grinder, rotary drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, disc granulator, rotary drum dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveying machine and other equipment.
Working process of small-scale chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment: Traditional chicken manure fermentation——Crushing fermented organic fertilizer ——Mixing——Granulation——Manual drying to remove water——Using a screening machine to screen out unqualified particles——Automatic packaging machine for bagging. The simple production process only needs five kinds of machines: crusher, mixer, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine.

Working process of large-scale chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment: A compost turner to ferment the raw materials——Crushing the fermented organic fertilizer——Stirring the raw materials evenly with a mixer——The granulator makes granulation——The dryer evaporates the water in the granules——The cooler quickly drops the temperature of the granules——The screening machine screens out unqualified granules——The unqualified granules come to re-grind and granulate——Qualified particles are coated——The final organic fertilizer product is quantitatively divided into bags by packaging machines.
There are many types of equipment for manufacturing fertilizers, and different organic fertilizer processing equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.



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