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Precautions for the installation of organic fertilizer production line

1.When installing a new organic fertilizer production line, the organic fertilizer manufacturer should know some parts that are easier to wear in future production in advance. In this way, you will be are better able to perform maintenance and repairs in future production.
2. When the new organic fertilizer production line was first installed, it was not known whether the equipment we installed was completely stable. This requires our installation masters to carefully check whether some of the installed parts are loose or fall off.

3. Pay attention to the safety when installing equipment, because these equipment are made of stainless steel, and the equipment itself is very large. Therefore, the personal safety of the installer must be paid attention to during installation.
4. When installing the supporting equipment in the fertilizer equipment, especially when installing the material shredder, the foundation must be leveled, otherwise the machine will move when the material is crushed in the production, which will cause the safety of the workers. After the foundation is leveled, the equipment must be fixed to avoid dangerous situations.
5. After the equipment is installed, it must be commissioned and commissioned by personnel before the production enterprise can carry out production, so as to better ensure the safety of production and the quality of fertilizer.
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