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Benefits of using organic fertilizer production line

First of all, people who understand organic fertilizer should know that most of the raw materials used in the organic fertilizer production line are farm manure, crop straw, sewage sludge, etc. And these materials are usually accompanied by peculiar smells and other pungent odors, they will breed flies and insects. If they are not processed in time, the environment will be polluted. The organic fertilizer production line can directly turn them into a treasure. And organic fertilizer has many positive meanings for agricultural production. These pollutants are directly used as processing materials, which save the pollution problems.

Secondly, through research and practical experiments, it is found that the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production line, due to its complete nutrients and rich organic matter, can just alleviate the hardening and salinization problems encountered by the soil.
The process of organic fertilizer production is as follows:1. Fermentation — 2. Batching system — 3. Crushing, mixing — 4. Granulating — 5. Drying and cooling organic fertilizer particles —- 6. Screening out qualified organic fertilizer particles — 7. Making the granules smoother—-8. Packing Welcome to contact us for more details.



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