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Precautions for organic fertilizer granulator

1. Before turning on the machine, first heat up for about forty or fifty minutes. Raise the temperature to pull the V-belt of the motor by hand until it becomes free and pull it eight to ten times continuously according to the normal working direction. Then continue to heat up for about ten minutes, and then turn on the machine.
2. When the organic fertilizer granulator is working normally, the temperature of the machine should be kept stable and not fluctuate.

3. The feeding should be even and sufficient. The feeding speed of the machine should be properly matched with the feeding speed. Otherwise it will affect the quality and yield of pellets.
4. When shutting down, the main engine should completely cut off the power supply.
These are the problems we should pay attention to when using the organic fertilizer granulator, so as to avoid failures and save you a lot of time. If you want to know more about the organic fertilizer granulator, welcome to contact us.



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