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How to choose a suitable granulator?

The selection of the granulator depends on the raw material. Granulation equipment includes disc granulator, tooth-stirring granulator, new-type stirring-tooth drum granulator, double-roll granulator and drum granulator. There are so many kinds of granulation equipment, each of which has different working principles, advantages and disadvantages, so it is impossible to say which granulator is good, but to choose a suitable granulator according to the material.

Common raw materials that are easy to granulate can be granulated with a disc granulator. Raw materials with relatively high fiber content, such as sheep dung, cow dung, straw and other materials, can be granulated with a tooth-stirring granulator and a new drum granulator. A rounding machine needs to be equipped with a stirring-tooth granulator, because The oblate and irregular particles produced by the tooth-stirring granulator need to be trimmed by a rounder. The product granules made by the new-style stirring tooth drum granulator are spherical, and no other equipment is needed.

For the other special materials, if the disc granulator and the stirring tooth granulator are not applicable, the roller granulator or the drum granulator can be used. Therefore, the choice of which granulator is good depends entirely on the material. Welcome to contact us for details.



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