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How to use chicken manure?

1.As fuel: Put chicken manure, chicken farm sewage, and crop straw into the fermentation tank together. Under the action of biogas fermentation bacteria, the organic matter is decomposed to produce methane. Methane is the main component of biogas, which can be used as fuel for residents.
2. Make feed: Evenly mix rice bran or wheat bran (accounting for 20%-30%) in chicken manure, expose to the sun, and after drying, sieve to remove impurities, put it into bags or store it in a dry place for later use. Large feed mills need to use drying machinery for drying.

3. Make fertilizer: Chicken manure is a high-quality organic fertilizer, but it should be decomposed, high-temperature drying and other harmless treatments before use. The treated chicken manure has good fertilizer effect and long duration of fertility, which can increase the yield of crops and increase the organic matter content in the soil. Composting is a common method for chicken farms to treat chicken manure. It is a process in which organic matter is mineralized, humified and harmless through high-temperature fermentation under the action of microorganisms to become decomposed organic fertilizer. Regardless of the form of utilization, modern organic fertilizer production equipment is needed to assist in improving the utilization rate of chicken manure. Welcome to contact us for details.



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