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Daily maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment

Any mechanical product needs regular inspection and maintenance during use, and the same is true for organic fertilizer equipment, otherwise the service life and stability of the equipment will definitely be affected. In order to ensure the normal use of organic fertilizer processing equipment, we need to pay special attention to two points, aging and deformation.
No matter how good the quality of organic fertilizer equipment is, there will be problems such as the decline in productive capacity, product quality, and equipment stability with long-term use, storage or idle process. The aging deformation of equipment is mainly tangible and intangible. Organic fertilizer equipment contains various small parts. During long-term use, the size and even shape of the machine parts will gradually change. Sometimes the parts may be directly damaged, and sometimes the precision of the parts may be reduced, resulting in a decline in the quality of the fertilizer.

Mechanical wear caused is unavoidable and can be replaced regularly. If the temperature is too high or too low, the lubricating performance will be deteriorated. The working environment of too acid and too alkali will cause corrosion damage to the surface of the equipment. Therefore, pay attention to the working environment of organic fertilizer equipment.
In addition to seeing the normal wear and tear of the equipment, there is also equipment failure and damage caused by improper operation of the staff. Overload operation, maintenance and lubrication in violation of the normal operation sequence and regulations will affect the operation of the equipment, and in serious cases, it will cause equipment failure.
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