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How to pretreatment pig manure before organic fertilizer making?

One is to add non-toxic and harmless wood chips or coarse rice bran and other auxiliary materials which account for 10%-15% of the total fermented pig manure, and it can also be mixed with chicken manure to regulate moisture, aeration and carbon-nitrogen ratio to control the moisture content of pig manure at 60%. And the carbon to nitrogen ratio is between 30 and 40.
The second is to increase the superphosphate accounted for 5% of the total fermentation material, and adjust the pH of pig manure to 7.5. And then stacked in trapezoidal packaging in the pretreatment field. The stacking trapezoid is 2 meters wide at the top and 3 meters wide at the bottom. The stacking time in the pre-treatment field is 7 days in summer and autumn, and 10 days in winter and spring, and then the pig manure enter the fermentation groove for fermentation.

The groove type compost turner is an indispensable equipment for the production of fermented organic fertilizer. When the materials in the fermentation groove, the machine starts to turn, stir and crush, so that the materials are fermented, decomposed, and degraded. The composting process is easier to obtain consolidated product properties than static composting, and at the same time has a better odor control effect.
The pretreatment procedures are as follows: 1. Fresh pig manure—add fermentation strains—add sawdust, rice bran, chicken manure—add superphosphate—evenly mix—trapezoidal stacking for 7-10 days—send to the fermentation workshop. In the later stage, granular fertilizer or powder fertilizer can be made according to market demand. Welcome to contact us for details.



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