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How to pretreat pig manure to make organic fertilizer?

pig manure has the features of high water content, heavy viscosity and poor ventilation. Therefore, it cannot be directly fermented. It should be dehydrated by screw extrusion liquid-solid separator first. After that, it can enter the fermentation groove for fermentation. Crop straw and wood chips can be added to the pig manure to neutralize the moisture, and the final moisture content of the pig manure is about 60%.
Pig manure and chicken manure are two types of manure with more serious smells in the breeding industry. Pig manure is a kind of farm organic fertilizer with good effect, and it is a high-quality organic fertilizer resource for cultivating and improving soil. However, if the fresh pig manure is sprinkled directly into the farmland, it will inevitably burn the roots of the crops, which will cause diseases and weeds.

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line

According to statistics, thousands of pigs produces about 1.5 tons of pig manure per day. If the natural composting is followed, there will be the following disadvantages:
First, the composting time is too long. It’s 4-5 months and the effect is poor. Second, long-term stacking will not only occupy the space, but also cause pollution to the surrounding environment. Third, the feces from natural compost fermentation are lazy and odorous. It’s difficult to transport, and it cannot be directly applied. Fermentation of pig manure organic fertilizer can be processed quickly with a groove-type compost turner or a crawler type compost turner. Welcome to contact us for details.



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