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How to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the organic fertilizer production line?

In the daily operation process, the organic fertilizer production equipment needs to be maintained and replaced after a period of time. It is inevitable that some small faults will occur after long-term operation. These small faults may cause instability in the production of organic fertilizer equipment. Today, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment will teach you some methods to ensure the safe and stable operation of organic fertilizer production equipment.
In order to ensure the normal operation of organic fertilizer production, we should do a good job of daily maintenance, so as to ensure the normal and trouble-free production of organic fertilizer equipment such as semi-wet material crusher and rotary drum screening machine. The operation of the organic fertilizer production line must be carried out in accordance with the relevant operating regulations.

First of all, we must carry out daily inspections of organic fertilizer production equipment. The daily inspection is to check whether the operators are working in accordance with the normal operating procedures. At the same time, the technical status of each part of the organic fertilizer production equipment is checked in order to discover problems in time and take corresponding countermeasures. For key equipment, the operator shall check and record item by item according to the equipment check card every shift or certain time.
After all the problems have been checked, you need to look at the use of the wearing parts to see if the wearing parts need to be replaced. You need to buy them in advance. After replacing the wearing parts, you need to start the trial shipment for about 10-15 minutes. All organic fertilizer equipment can be produced normally without incident.



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