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How do small farms make compost?

Composting is generally divided into aerobic composting and anaerobic composting. Aerobic composting is the process of decomposing organic materials in the presence of oxygen, and its metabolites are mainly carbon dioxide, water and heat. Anaerobic composting is a process of decomposing organic materials under anaerobic conditions, and its main products are methane, carbon dioxide and many intermediate products of low molecular weight, such as organic acids. Compared with aerobic composting, anaerobic composting produces less energy per unit mass of organic matter degradation, and anaerobic composting is usually prone to odor. For these reasons, aerobic composting is currently used in most compost engineering systems.

As a small farm, due to insufficient funds, small site area and strict environmental protection requirements, aerobic fermentation is often used. Generally, before composting manure, farms will choose the method of dry cleaning manure for centralized collection to reduce the difficulty of manure treatment. The pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure and other farm manures to be composted are stacked in the fermentation groove for fermentation. Since the appearance of manure is unavoidable, it is often chosen to add a large amount of straw, husk bran, biogas residue and other auxiliary materials with low moisture content to mix them so as to reduce the moisture content of compost materials. At this time, it is necessary to use the groove type composter to mix and stir these auxiliary materials with the manure compost. At the same time, during the composting period, due to the continuous decomposing and decomposing, the temperature in the heap will continue to increase and the oxygen will continue to decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to promote oxygen, evaporate excess water and take away excess heat. The trough turner can solve these problems.
There are many types of fermentation equipment, such as groove type turners, wheel type turners, crawler type turners etc. Each type of fermentation equipment has many models. If you need to purchase a chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer equipment, welcome to contact us.



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