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Common Problems of Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator

1.The disc is tilted too much. The most common problem encountered in the use of the disc organic fertilizer granulator is the adjustment of the inclination. In fact, there is no specific parameter for your reference, but it should be based on the molding of spherical particles. The adjustment measure is to change the position and angle of the reducer by adjusting the bolts at the bottom of the disc to achieve the purpose of normal use.
2. It is difficult to form. In addition to the subjective factors of raw material components, the spherical particle forming of the disc organic fertilizer granulator also includes the fineness of the raw materials, the moisture content of the raw materials, the addition of auxiliary binding components, the angle of the disc operation, the speed of the disc operation, etc. These are also common problems we encounter. According to the reasons for the above problems, and then make some improvements, we can achieve our expected value.

3. The particles are not uniform. This problem is a common problem in the single-machine operation of the disc organic fertilizer granulator. The handling of such problems is generally divided into two parts. One is to improve the moisture content, and the other is to control the size of the formed particles. Then we narrow down our selection by sieving after drying.
4.Intermittent operation. Such failures of disc granulator are generally caused by bearing damage, disc weight loss, abnormal motor voltage and other reasons. By following the problems and maintaining them in time, the operation failure of the disc granulator can be quickly eliminated.
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