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Fermentation Cylinder

Brand:                                  SHUNXIN

Applicable materials:           various organic fertilizer production materials

Application scope:               organic fertilizer fermentation


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  • Technical Parameters

The fermentation cylinder can be used to dispose organic wastes such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow dung, goat dung, mushroom residue, medium slag, crop straw, etc. The process of harmless treatment can be completed within 10 hours, and the floor area is small (The fermentation machine covers only 10 to 30 square meters); no pollution (closed fermentation); completely kill disease(temperature can be adjusted to 80-100 ℃). Therefore, it is the best choice for the utilization of waste resources in the recycling of agricultural enterprises, circular agriculture and eco-agriculture. In addition, we can customize the fermentation tanks of different capacities according to the customer’s requirements.

Characteristics of Performance

On-line CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization(121°C/0.1MPa);

According to the requirement of hygiene, the structure design is very humanized and easy to operate. The drive is stable and the noise is low.

Suitable ratio between diameter and height; according to the need to customize the mixing device,so the energy saving, stirring, the fermentation effect is good.

The inner tank has the surface polishing treatment (roughness Ra is less than 0.4 mm). Every outlet, mirror, manhole and so on.

Working Principle

Fermentation tank, a device used to ferment microorganisms in industry. Its main body is the main cylinder made of stainless steel plate, and the volume is 100 m3. The structure is rigid and reasonable. It can withstand steam sterilization and has certain operation flexibility. Minimizing the internal accessories as soon as possible (avoid dead corners), and materials and energy transfer performance is high. It can be adjusted to clean and reduce pollution, suitable for the production of a variety of products and reduce energy consumption.
Working Video

Technical Parameters

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