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Compost storage conditions for organic fertilizer manufacturers

The moisture content of composting products has a greater impact on product quality during storage. When the moisture content of compost products increases, it is likely to meet the water requirements for microbial fermentation, thereby stimulating the activity of microorganisms, allowing the materials to continue to ferment to generate heat, while consuming organic matter and reducing the fertilizer efficiency of compost products. In addition, the increase in moisture content will also lead to the compost product clumps, causing trouble for the user to apply.

Therefore, as a storage facility, it should first ensure that it can meet the requirements of rain and moisture protection. This requires that during construction, storage facilities need to be planned in areas with a higher level to prevent rainwater from pouring into the warehouse when the rainfall is large. At the same time, fully consider the leakproof and sunshade of the roof. When storing bulk powder products, the air humidity should not exceed 30%. The packaged products should be protected from the sun during storage to avoid rapid aging of the package.
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