Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Workflow of Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner

Check whether the oil road is dredged, if not, immediately tell the maintenance personnel;

Check whether the oil in the oil tank is filled up, and whether the hydraulic system leaks;

Before starting the machine, check whether the mechanical rolling is abnormal, and inform the maintenance personnel of the situation in time;

Before starting, turn on the power switch to energize the machine, and then open the switch of the electric oil pump and every motor for trial implementation;

During the process of compost turner running, if discovering that the main shaft vibrates, the noise is bigger, the pressure is higher, the temperature is over 65°С, and other abnormal conditions, then informing the maintenance personnel to process immediately.

During running, except operator and maintenance personnel, no other personnel are allowed in the machine.

After the compost turner fishes its work, the fan should be shut down first, and then the roller should run for 2-3minutes, finally the machine will not stop till the desliming is finished. The maintenance work is very important.

Shunxin have various types of compost turner for you to choose, such as crawler type, wheel type, groove type, etc. We have own factory, welcome to visit.



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