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Why is a certain amount of straw added as an auxiliary raw material during fermentation?

This is because crop straw is a valuable biological resource and an important industrial raw material. The straw contains a large amount of organic matter and elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and silicon. According to analysis, rice straw contains 78.6% organic matter, 0.63% nitrogen, 0.11% phosphorus, and 0.85% potassium. Soybean straw contains 1.3% nitrogen, 0.3% phosphorus, and 0.5% potassium; Potassium 0.19% Wheat straw contains 0.5% nitrogen, 0.2% phosphorus and 0.16% potassium.

At the same time, the water content of the straw is low, which can neutralize the water content of the compost, so that the water content of the compost is suitable for the composting range (about 50%~60%). The porosity of the straw after crushing is large, which can increase the entry of external air into the inside of the stockpile and reduce the odor generated by the anaerobic reaction. Combined with the organic fertilizer compost turner to promote oxygen, it can control the temperature of the compost well. In addition, in order to improve the commercial value of organic fertilizers, a certain amount of N, P, and K can also be added, mixed evenly with a horizontal mixer, and then granulated with an organic fertilizer granulator, so that the nutrients can be evenly and consistently distributed to the among the particles.
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